Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Needing More Prayer

Thank you to all that have been praying and asking about my Mom.  Things have been going okay.  She goes to outpatient at the hospital every other day.  Her blood counts have gotten better every time.  She hasn't had a blood or platelet transfusion since LAST Thurs.  And by Sunday her platelet count had doubled and her CBC had been unreadable was then a .26.  So it's coming up. That is supposed to be between 1 through 4.  Although the Hope Lodge is VERY nice.  It is also boring and especially since they aren't really doing much of anything it's very frustrating that she just can't come home and have that kind of stuff done.  And, her appetite is slowly getting better.  She had appt's today, but didn't need anything.  Thurs. she has blood work, bone marrow test and then talking to her Doctor's.  Praying that the bone marrow still shows it in remission!! So, please continue to pray for her and our family.  I will try to keep everyone updated! God hears us!!! Thanks!!!

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