Thursday, October 11, 2012

Praise The Lord!!!!

Today my Mom had blood work at 10:30am.  Bone marrow test at 12:30pm, then had an appt with her Doctor.  Well, she still didn't need any transfusions.   I believe the one number that needs to be between 1 and 4 is her CBC, and Last Thursday it was still an unreadable number, then Sunday it was .26 and today it was .61. So it's slowly coming up!!  No results from the bone marrow test, probably tomorrow, but they LET HER COME HOME!!!! She is on her way right now.  They didn't have to tell her twice! :)  I haven't talked to her much, but here is what I got from her.  They are letting her come home for one week, then back to Hershey for more chemo, I believe this round will be 5 days instead of 7.  Then he wants her to stay at the Hope Lodge for 4 weeks to get blood work done every other day.  My Mom told the nurse it's to hard to have a caregiver when everyone works, couldn't she do the follow up blood work up here?  The nurse said the Doc is new and she would talk to him.  She understands and if it were her she wouldn't have anybody either to help her.  So hopefully tomorrow the results of the bone marrow are still showing remission. But at least for now she can enjoy being home for a week at least! She hasn't been home since Sept 4th!  I am so grateful to God for getting us through this, one thing at a time, one day at a time.  All the praise and thanks go to HIM!!!

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