Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hives, Fever, Bleck!!

Friday Kaylynn was sick.  When I picked her up from the sitter's she had fever and was shivering.  Great. I wanted to take her to see my Mom.  Well, the night didn't get any better.  She was up every 15 mins when we first laid her down.  Then again at 9, 10, 11, 1am, 3am.  She still had a fever of about 102.  When she got up a little after 8am she had 2 hives on her legs.  Well, as breakfast progressed they were then on her arms and they were spreading! They get really red an they look like bug bites or welts.  So I called the Doc and they got her in at 9:45am.  She was covered in them by the time we got there.  She also had been messing with her right ear.  So, she said it wasn't an infection, but the right one was red.  Great.  She just got tubes in her ears on Sept 20th! And the fever thing was probably viral.  So Benadryl for the hives.  Ibuprofen for the fever.  And Ciprodex ear drops for her ear.  Poor kid.  So when we got home we held her down and did all of the above. She then laid down for a nap.  She thankfully slept all night and today seems back to herself other than not eating to well.  Which I chalk up to her cutting her eye teeth on the bottom.  Last time she got fever like that she got hives.  The Doc said she might be one of those who gets hives every time she gets a fever that lasts awhile. 
I tried to take pics on my phone.  It looked way worse in person! :(

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