Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mom Is Home!!

Mom had her bone marrow test and talked to her Doc Thurs.  He said she can come home for a week.  Then come back to Hershey for another round of chemo.  This time it will be 12 hours on and then 12 hours off.  Then he wants her to stay at the Hope Lodge for 4 weeks after that to do follow up blood work every other day.  She talked to the nurse and said it's just to hard to have a caregiver there to stay at the Hope Lodge with her.  Everyone works.  She said she understood and she would talk to the Doctor about it.  That she would try to see if the follow up blood work can be done here at home.  Which, that's all she's been having done the last few weeks at Hershey.  I know her Doc at Williamsport said she could have follow up care/blood transfusions up here before she went to Hershey, so not sure why that couldn't happen.  Hopefully it will work out!! You re-coop so much better at home, I think anyway.  So, they are also still talking to her about stem cell transplant so not really sure what they are gonna do next.  Boy, you think ok, it's in remission it's done.  So not the case.  :(  It is with god's strength and grace that we are getting through this.  Keep the prayers coming! She has to go back Thurs. morning. Thanks!

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