Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Doins'

 Carving a pumpkin for Kaylynn for the first time.
 I thought he was gonna chop off his fingers with that knife!
 She was not to sure about it.
 (Don't mind the sharpie black marks around her pumpkins teeth. Mommy wasn't using her brain when she drew the face on. Removed the marks with goo be gone after we were done.)
 What is that stuff Mommy??

 Forcing her hand down into it.

 Didn't like it, or being forced to touch it either. Ha!!!  I have always liked carving and scooping out the goop.  I think this picture is hilarious!!!
 All done! Its smile is a little redneck-ish, but that's alright. Hee, hee.
 I took these when it was getting dark, but here are my mums and pumpkins for Fall.

Jack O Lantern all lit up!!

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