Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rough Go Of It

Mom has had a fever ever since she's been back at the hospital.  She gets 3 hour doses of chemo every 12 hours.  This time around things are very different.  She is very sick.  She isn't really eating  much of anything, if anything for that matter.  My Dad is on his way home and my Aunt Gina went out to stay.  My sister Tonya had rode along and she said she was there for about an hour and a half and she said Mom didn't really talk the whole time. 
I feel awful.  I guess since the last round was 24 hrs a day for 7 days straight and she didn't get sick that this would be easy and she would be fine.  Wrong.  The Doctor also said he wants her to have chemo every 28 days, but not sure how long the treatments will be or how long that will go on.
Please, please keep the prayers coming!!

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