Monday, September 10, 2012

The Waiting Game

Not a whole lot to report.  Sunday they did do a blood transfusion, platelets and more potassium.  Got her Central line in today.  Still waiting for them to get back to her about her test results.  Then they are to sit down and go over in detail what they are gonna do.  So, of course no Doctor's returned today to tell us anything. 

I also just talked to her on the phone.  They messed up her supper order.  It's now 8:30pm and no nurse has come in since 4:00pm! I think that is craziness!!  Her central line was leaking so she had to call the nurse, o she had to hang up.  We are all getting frustrated at how slow this is going.  Don't they know that everyone in there is someones loved one??  That wants them to be better and healthy!!??  Keep praying, also for patience because we are losing it!!

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