Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recipe for a Memory

Last Sat we got a phone call from David's brother Jay about 10pm while we were watching the movie Courageous. He wondered if we had Mom's iced cinnamon roll recipe. We didn't. So David went over to get her recipe boxes for us to look through them and see if we could find it. (His Dad is in Michigan visiting family friends and then will be stopping in to see Marianne's family in Ohio)
David brought them in and asked me to go through them. As soon as I got started, I started crying. Just so many emotions came over me. We have really been missing her something terrible. We all have, not just us. But with every recipe I pulled out, I automatically thought of different get togethers, meals, family gatherings where she has made these very delicious things. And I even came across one that she had written that was MY recipe. I was very honored. :) Just even seeing her handwriting is hard. Who would think that something as simple as a recipe box (or 2) would bring all these memories back? And we never did find it. But little things like how many times she had certain ones written down made me giggle. I know it was probably due to her illness, but we would pick on her about things like that. Some are in there 3 or 4 times! :) Alot of what make up my recipes are from her. Although I told David I would probably need a good day to write off the rest of what I want out of hers. Come to find out later the reason he asked me to go through them is because he couldn't bring himself to do it. He said when he went to get them he had a moment over there at Dad's house.
Just makes us miss her even more. Especially all of us being sick lately I know as bad as she would have been feeling she would be calling asking if we needed anything. Probably made us something to eat. Thankful for the memories we do have to share. Miss ya Mom.

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Kara Plank said...

oh wow, I'm sure that was difficult to go through, and yet good too. Bonnie was a wonderful cook for sure! Maybe you guys could compile a "Bonnie Slagenweit memorial cookbook!" I'd buy one. :)