Thursday, February 23, 2012

Our Little Snake Girl

If you blow this picture up you can see Kaylynn's little "snake fangs" on the top. She is cutting her eye teeth! It looks so funny! She really does look like a snake with fangs! And of course her bottom teeth show really well now too.
Happy girl for the moment. This did not last to long. She is just miserable cutting these teeth. As you can see from the runny looking nose. And she's not sleeping to well either. Poor kiddo.
I love when she is so happy like this!! Everything you hear about a red head and their's true! LOL! As we have found out and are trying to put a stop to.
Closer look at those "fangs." Looks so funny!
Cuddles with Daddy.
Thinks she's a biggie girl and walks the length of my legs by herself.
There she goes!!*UPDATE: Our house appraisal was tonight. We have been working so hard at getting things done it was nice to just take a night off and relax! But it was the same fella that did it after we built the house. He went around and took pics outside and in every room. I did give him a list of updats/things we have done since we built. And before he left he said we'd here from the bank in a couple days. I asked if he could tell us what he came up with, of course he said no. So, I proceeded to say that our loan lady told us we can tell him the number we are looking for. So I told him, and he responded by saying, you should have no problem getting that. So hopefully he told us the truth!! I told him he didn't know what that would do to help us by getting the number we needed to proceed!! So, we'll find out from the bank in a couple days.

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