Friday, April 6, 2012

Doctors, Specialists....

Kaylynn has still been sick. Had been keeping things down, but not really wanting to eat or drink much. By Wednesday she was throwing up again. So I called and demanded they give her a stronger antibiotic, and move her ear specialist appt up from the 20th!! I explained how she barely eats or drinks and really hasn't been wetting diapers much, if at all. So of course the Doc she saw was out that day!! The other Doc MAY check the "urgent" messages though...ugh. So, finally they called at lunchtime and said they wanna see her because of not having 5 wet diapers a day. So, we took her. Ear infection. (Duh!! We already know that!) Put her on azithromycin and put another "urgent " request into the ear specialist to get her in sooner!

He told us anymore throwing up, or not wetting 5 diapers a day go straight to the ER. So, I went to get the meds, David took her home to feed her supper. Oh boy... I said to David,"how'd she do?" "Good, she had a jar of Mango, half a jar of peas and an ounce of formula." "She seemed like she was getting kind of gaggy, so I decided to stop." "Good idea" I said. Uhhh....bout that it alllll came back up and everywhere!! :( Bath time for Kaylynn. Cleanup time for Mommy. We decided it as what he had given her on an upset tummy and said from there on out anymore vomiting we'd go to the ER. He gave her a bath and 2 ounces of pedilyte. (sp) The sitter called me at work the next day, and said she wouldn't eat or drink hardly at all, and would not stop crying. For 2 hours she cried. But after a nap she was doing better. All she wants is applesauce, toast and things like that. They DID move her ear appt up to Tues, the 10th!! Next week!! Yeah!!!

Today she seems good. Had 3 very wet diapers! Yea!! Ate an ok breakfast and is taking her morning nap right now. Hope she keeps feeling better!

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