Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Almost Forgot!

I posted these pics after I typed up my paragraphs but then it wouldn't let my copy and paste it so the words were first. Well, here are pics of the flooding we had here a few weeks ago. This is my brother's place.
Trying to get out!
They ended up having 5 ft in their 1st floor.
RT 405 that runs in front of their apt. Turn to the right and that's Lime Bluff Rd, where David and I used to live.
You can see where the water was.
Debris scattered around after the water went down. Didn't have time to get it all out.
Kitchen. Knocked the frig, hot water heater and washer/dryer over.
This was the pic in the paper. From L to R: Nicole holding Brooke, Mom and Jimmy.
This was the front page one day. Nicole and Brooke.

We have had SO MUCH rain here in the last month. It flooded the worst in 100 years here a few weeks ago. Well, my brother and his girlfriend and daughter Brooke live RIGHT by Muncy Creek which always floods. It has got up to their back door a few times, but never has came in. Until this time. They ended up with 5 feet of water in their 1st floor. They can't get back in for at least another 3-4 months! Right now they are staying with her parents. I pray they can find a house soon so they don't have to move back in there! If anyone would like to see more images/stories of flooding here go to and take a look. People lost alot here. Roads and bridges are washed away. People lost their homes. It was really bad! :( My Mom and brother and his family made their pictures in the paper twice.
I not only got a ton of clothes for Kaylynn at the Watsontown yard sales, but I also got 2 old galvanized steel tubs which I put my mums in right now and will plant flowers in them in the Spring. I also got 5 country-ish, primitive looking plates. And woopie pies from the Amish. They were 3 for $1!! Needless to say I bought $7 worth and they only lasted until the next day! ;)
On Monday David fell off an 8ft ladder at work. He ended up hurting himself and had to go to Evangelical Hospital to be checked out. He has bumps and bruises and he sprained his knee. Thankfully that was all!! It could have been alot worse!! But he had to be off work 3 days and was wearing a splint that went from his thigh to ankle. He is back to work now and he's doing better. He says it's sore, but hopefully it will continue to get better!
We ended up cancelling the cement truck since it is yet again RAINING!! It is rescheduled for next Sat at 7:30am! Hopefully I'll have them soon! Ta ta for now!

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