Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Final Preparations

Well, although I haven't finished packing MY bag for the hospital yet. (It's started) We started packing her diaper bag tonight to take along. We just picked out a couple outfits to pack to bring her home in. Since we won't know how big she is, or the weather, we picked out like 3 outfits! :)

David set up her monitor tonight also. Very sensitive! And I got out all the 4 oz. bottles and the nipples and took them downstairs. I boiled and sterilized the nipples and washed the bottles. I got and put the baby food my brother gave me that my niece, Brooke doesn't need anymore away. They gave me 21 jars! They don't expire until 2012 and 2013! Pretty sweet! I did have to clean out some cluttered cupboards to store them. Long overdue anyway.

We also finally got to take a tour of labor and delivery at Geisinger yesterday. Very snazzy place to have a baby!! The rooms are huge! You deliver right there in the room. Showed us around. Answered some questions. They assured me more than once not to be scared or nervous they will take good care of me. Seeing it helped slightly, but I am still really anxious and downright terrified! I just keep praying "Let everything go fast and smooth, without incident. Let her be healthy and just be with us, because I cannot do this without you!!"

Tomorrow is my Doctor's appt. I see the midwife. I am 38 weeks tomorrow also. I think I may have her check to see if I'm dilated at all. I am feeling her getting lower, and feeling a bit of pressure too. Let me tell you, my siatic (sp?) nerve is KILLING me!! I gimp around walking everywhere! 15 days.............if not before!

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Kara Plank said...

oh I had the sciatic thing too! OUCHY!!! I love having my babies at Geisinger. Every nurse and Dr. were so kind and patient with me, and I wish the same for you. She'll be here soon!!!!! :)