Sunday, June 12, 2011

36 weeks prego and the nursery

Here are some pictures of me at 36 weeks 4 days. Blood pressure is still up when Jenn checked it last night so not sure what the Doctor is going to say or do on Tuesday when I go back. :/ There are also some pictures of the ALMOST complete nursery.
Me and some of my flowers on the front porch.
Just some of her clothes.
The crib. Her name on the wall are still samples. We are trying to get the sizing right. We are going to go with the purple size. My friend Erin is going to do these for us in vinyl. These are just paper samples right now though.
The color on the walls is also hard to see, but it's a pretty green called "Honeydew."
The rocking chair my Grandparents gave us. They had it reupholstered for us. It was my Pap's parents and it's over 100 years old.
Closer up.
Swing, changing table and chair.
Close up of the shelf I decorated with gardening things.
Other side of the room. A couple things to hang up, put together and put away yet.
Curtains. I am going to make blackout/thermal type drapes especially before Winter hits.
The lamp we got at Target. Matches pretty well.
Crib again. We did a flower/garden theme.


Tonya said...

April, it looks so nice!! Now just can't wait to meet the little girl who belongs in the room:)

David & April said...

Tonya, thanks! And for some reason I cannot leave comments on your blog! Help!

Kara Plank said...

I can't either Tonya! help! ;)