Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby on the way!

Well, had my Doctor's appt today! I had the midwife check to see if I was dilated since I've been leaking a little fluid and having some contractions. And I am 3cm and 50% efaced and her head is at -1. She said we should be having a baby within the next 48-72 hours! She also gave me an approx weight of 8lbs. 8ozs. I asked how she came with that number and she said by feeling her butt! LOL! She said she's felt thousands of butts! And she said she's been right on this week! But if she is off, she usually guesses 1lb over what it'll be or 3oz under. She also said don't be upset if I have to keep my appt next week because she's not here yet, because the baby has her own agenda and didn't bother to share it with her. :) So, we shall see!! Pray for us!!!

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Tonya said...

Yippy!! Can't wait to meet her!!!!