Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Got my car back!

Well, got my car back today! It's like a new car! They cleaned it inside and out! Washed, waxed and the tires armor all'd. I was very nervous driving it, realizing that the last time I was in it I was in an accident! I am still very nervous and extra cautious right now. It's still a little nerve racking driving since then, but it will pass. I also got 4 new tires. The front left had a slice in it and they called and said the rest were not good so I opted for 3 more new ones. So it really is feeling new! I got it home and in the garage just before it rained!! So it's still clean!! =]

Like new!
Close up!

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Marianne Brown said...

Sure glad it was fixable. The same day you wrecked the boys and I (well actually it was just me driving) backed into another lady who was backing up in the grocery store parking lot...some day!