Thursday, April 23, 2009

Re-excavation Day 5

I found all this when I got home today! Trenches are dug for David to run our downspouts underground. It was cheaper to have the excavator dig the trenches than David to rent the trencher head he would need to do it. Plus it would have taken David alot longer. He also got us the pipe we need to do it. And he got the stone in the driveway down. He wasn't a happy camper come to find out the builders excavator had built 2B stone up about 2 feet deep! It should have been shale then 2B stone on top. He said he had alot of extra work to have it done the correct way and the longer he went the madder he was getting. We still need a little more stone in the turnaround. But he brought dirt up and leveled up the dirt/yard up to the driveway. Leveled the driveway up and straightened it. We can pull in the garage now no problem! You cannot believe how different it looks now!!! We (I especially) are ecstatic!! It is really looking great and is coming together nicely!! Now the next big thing is to get the downspouts underground then topsoil!!
Trenches dug and ready.
Look! A straight driveway, stone all the way to the end and LEVEL!!!! =]
I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
The front looks better and better!!
LEVEL!!!!!! If you look at past posts you can remember how it did look.
Turnaround/extra parking. Plus no more hump!!!!
More trenches out back.
Another driveway shot! :)
Did I mention that it's FINALLY LEVEL????
Did I also mention that we can drive right in the garage with no problems??

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