Sunday, April 19, 2009

Re-excavation Day 4

This is the work that got done yesterday. It was really nice and warm out. It was 78 at one point. Anyway, the hump out front in gone!!! Woo hoo! It looks so much better!! He also cut in an area for turning around and to park extra cars if need be. They hauled alot ( I lost count after 5) of worthless dirt out and over to Kevin's house. He needs it to fill in by his garage. He also took a load of big rocks to. He tried to smooth out the bank a little and slope that front area down. He also cut in a a small swail at the bottom of the bank. He's still not done. He still has a little smoothing to do, taking and scraping off some dirt along the garage, building up along the driveway, stones on driveway and eventually soon topsoil. It will look so different when it's all done. And we kept busy by playing with Nicholas while Kevin hauled dirt over to his house. He played us out! Where do they get their energy from??? Then we went to Tom Weaver's for pizza and ice cream with Kevin, Dana and Nicholas- then we went home to watch a movie.
1st truckload of dirt going bye, bye.
Trying to slope it down.
Playing tennis with David.
It was hilarious when he would do this and try to hit the ball.
Then trying their hand at golf.
A little blurry but, David trying to show him how to hold and play golf.
We could not get him to hold it right, but he was having fun doing it his own way.
To funny!
Now playing golf with a tennis ball on an obstacle course Nicholas set up. It was getting interesting.
Cutting in the turn around area.
Yeah! The hump is gone!!
I cannot tell you how happy we are with this!!!
Ruts gone, big rocks gone!!
Looking better by the minute!!
Area for the turn around.
The milk can my Mom and Dad got me and the flower pot with pansies in there that Mom S. planted for me.
The tree on the left is ours. It is a flowering pink dogwood tree. It was our "I owe you" from Mom and Dad S. for our Anniversary gift form last year. They went and got it for us yesterday, along with their Red bud tree. They are going to keep it over there for a bit until we are done pushing dirt around.

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