Saturday, April 4, 2009

My car accident :(

Linkage joint broke, can't turn my tire.
She's all banged up.
Damage all the way back to the door handle. Here are a few shots I got on my phone. My poor car! No one was hurt, thank goodness! I thought I had knocked my teeth out at first. I must have clinched my jaw down bracing for impact, and when she hit me my teeth grit together hard. One of the first things I did was rub over my teeth with my finger!! LOL! They were all there!! It was in slow motion. It hit SO HARD! I thought she was coming right for me! I got my car in just the right position that she hit more of the front. Otherwise she was right there coming right for me!! I still can't believe this. Seems surreal.
I survived my first ever accident. Seems to be one thing after another. But I suppose I'm no worse for the wear. I felt bad for the 90 year old lady. All she kept saying was she didn't want them to take her license. She lived alone and she needs to be able to drive. I feel horrible because I understand that, but at the same time she was/is in no shape to be driving. Quite obviously! So, my car still sits in place at the gas station until maybe Monday. So I suppose I'll have to drive David's car to work. This is such a pain and inconvenience, but again, at least I'm ok.

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