Monday, April 15, 2013

Huge Answer to Prayer!

As many of you that follow this know, my Aunt didn't know if she would donate stem cells for my Mom.  Finally today she went to Hershey with her husband and saw the Doctor.  They did a EKG, chest xray and blood work while she was there.  Got everything set up for May.  So first of all I had been praying that she would even say yes, let alone actually get this appt done and these tests she needed to get done!  Now to have her actually have her go through with it, which I think she will!!  What a huge relief.....for now anyway.  This was a big step for our family.  So I wanna say it's May 13th, 14th and 15th my Aunt will get what I call booster shots to boost her cells counts really high. And then the 17th is D-day.  She will be donating her stem cells.  As far as Mom knows she is supposed to get 1 day prior transplant, 1 day of high dose chemo, then transplant that does not get frozen so we are guessing it would also take place May 17th??  Not sure on the little details yet, but it's gonna happen....and soon! The big "T" word is so scary to me!  And I know it's scary for our whole family.  Please keep my Mom, Aunt and family in your prayers!! Thanks!!

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