Saturday, October 2, 2010

Watsontown Yard Sale buys

Once again my Mom, Jamie and I headed out last Saturday to the Watsontown community yard sales. We got a map and left at 6:30am! :) I was looking more for baby items, which we didn't really find that it wouldn't be distinctly for a boy/girl. But I did find some stuff. There were 166 yard sales on the map!!
1st yard sale I bought a little pink tutu! Wishful thinking that someday I will have a girl and use this to take pictures! Less than .25!
GAP sweater $5.00
Again with the wishful thinking! Little plaid dress. So cute! $2.00
Little boys jackets and a cozy cover for a carseat. Jackets together $1.00. Cozy cover $1.00
Giraffe print purse $5.00
Boyd's bears. $21.00
All of the following Boyd's bear resins I got for $5.00 a piece!! DEAL!! :)

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