Saturday, October 30, 2010

Movin' dirt

Last weekend David attempted to rip up our back yard. He was trying to get rid of this patch of weeds he created earlier in the Summer, along with spreading the dirt pile out back around. Then he was going to plant new grass. We had not planted new grass back there, but David says about how bumpy it is while he's mowing and so it needed done. It look so much better. The thing he rented to rip up the grass didn't quite do what he thought it would, but it worked I suppose.

He also extended the retaining wall a bit too. He did that a few weeks ago.
The front dirt pile he had been "screening" himself a few days throughout the week.

This is where he spread out the screened topsoil and replanted. We kinda had a dead patch there.
His Dad spreading out straw over it.

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