Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday 10/23/08 Progress

It's looking really good now!!
Minus the ugly dumpster and ladder, anyway!

Got some posts up and gutters!
Our bedroom.
Still our bedroom.
Side of garage also got some lovely gutters!
I think she's looking pretty nice!! We love how the colors are looking and coming together! It's hard to picture what everything will look like finished, since you only get small samples! But we really like the colors all put together. I think if I had to describe it when it's done that it will look like a new "old" colonial farmhouse! Which we love!!
We didn't go over to work last night because now David is down with a bad cold and maybe a touch of the flu. So I got some house work done around here while he rested. Today he called off work and was able to sleep alot of the day away. But, we went over tonight just to see what they had done. Looks good! He is feeling a bit better and will probably go to work tomorrow. And now I am starting to get a cold. :( Hopefully mine goes away. We can't keep getting sick , we have work to do! :( I picked up more stain and got some clear coat to get started!!

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Joy said...

It's looking good! Hope ya'll get to feeling better.