Thursday, October 2, 2008

New progress

Starting to backfill and put dirt around. (They will be moving the stuff on the left and filling it with dirt!!)
Some of the machinery.
Porch filled with shale.
The porch.
The well and the trench to come into the house.
Our well.
The back where they started filling with dirt.
Outside view of the sliding glass doors outback.
Filled around the garage.
Filled the inside of the garage with shale. Stones still need to come in, then pouring concrete probably Monday.
David checking out the work.
The "45's" they put up around garage doors.
Starting insulation today.
Are we there yet????
I love taking these! :)
I can't wait until we're in!!!
Finally some progress!! Yesterday they moved the 2nd floor steps back and framed in the slope for the ceiling in the stairway. Today they started insulating, and filling the garage with shale. They also starting filling it around with dirt. They dug the trench for the well to come into the house. So, after a week and a half of nothing but electrical being done, we have something new to see!!!! Don't know what they will be doing tomorrow, but they will need to bring stone to put ontop of the shale so concrete can be poured tomorrow or Monday. Then the porch can go up and then the roofing can be completed. So finally an update with pictures!!

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