Monday, October 27, 2008

10/25/08 Progress!

Saturday we had a good work day. David and Dad S. worked on putting our leftover decking up above the garage for future storage. I didn't get any pictures of that. And I worked on starting to polyurethane the trim. I got quite a bit done, although there is also alot to go yet. I feel I got alot done. David rigged up an extension cord and wired up some lights in the basement and plugged the extension cord into some bare wires and then plugged that into the generator. Safe? Who knows, but it worked! I poly'ed 74 pieces of trim plus 8 pieces of cove molding. It took it's toll on me though standing on concrete all day and then crouching down to lay my wet pieces on the 2x4's to dry. My leg muscles still hurt!! I'm not used to that, I sit at work all day!! We also had alot more rain, as you can see in some pictures the water was coming through the block-NOT GOOD!! We'll see where that goes. The gutters and downspouts are not all on yet, so we'll see!! They were working late tonight drywalling, because the finishers are coming on Wednesday. The stone is also "supposed" to get going this week to.
The pile before I got started.
David's "rig" job for power.
Kids don't try this at home!!
Eureka!! We have lights! (Notice the wet spots in the back round?)
Part 1 of the done pile.
Part 2 of the done pile.
TODAY'S PROGRESS... (not much)

Garage sided and vent is in! Trim started.
Drywalling continues.

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