Sunday, July 5, 2009

Painting extravaganza

We painted exterior doors this weekend. And after much debate and questioning we went with the Theatre red door. I do think it turned out nice. The trim still needs to be finished on the front door yet. We also did the others but only in white. We are not big "painters." We don't really like to do it, but guess we have to now! :) One thing crossed off our list. Only a million more to go! :) We also went to see the fireworks in Watsontown with Kevin, Dana and Nicholas. Before we left I got some pics of the beautiful sunset. A very productive weekend! I wish we had another day or two!!
Front door in "Theatre red"
Looks nice. We think it sets it off.

It got a tinted primer and took 3 coats of the red!
Inside the garage. We didn't paint the trim here.
Laundry room door. I ended up painting that piece of wood white also.
David finishing up trim.
From over at Mom and Dad S's.
Sunset. Right behind the house.

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