Sunday, October 4, 2009

Austin comes to visit!

Last Sunday we got a phone call from Matt asking if we could do them a favor and watch Austin for a bit. His Mom had been admitted to the hospital and he wasn't allowed to go. Sure! So Austin came and stayed with us for a a little bit while they went to the hospital. We had fun! He can walk now so there was a bit of exploring going on for him! He didn't try the stairs or really any of my things that I have set out for decorations. Only when his Mommy and Daddy were here! He was fun! We just love him as if he were our own!! We are very close with his Mamma and Daddy (Matt & Erin). They have really let us be a big part of his life and he brings us as much fun and joy as I'm sure he does for them!! ;) We love having him over, and his parents! lol!!!

He got this pillow down and was playing with it.
Watching the Steelers with David.
David kept getting him with his goatee! It was funny!
Here are a couple video clips of playing with Austin!

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