Saturday, September 26, 2009

Watsontown yard sales!

Here are the great deals I got today at the Watsontown yard sales! They put out a map with all of the yard sales listed. On the back they had a list and a little of what people were selling. The ones that were actually listed on the map there were 170+ yard sales!!! I was supposed to get up early and go with my Mom but she got called into work. She ended up showing up at my house around 10:15am and so I got around and we went. She got a crib that turns into a toddler bed and some other things. These are the things I bought!
A swing, excersaucer, clothes (for Austin) a travel formula container.
Fisher Price take along Rainforest swing. I looked it up online and they sell for $67.00 paid $7.50!!
Baby Einstein excersaucer looked it up online and they sell for $76.00 paid $7.50!

The 3 Boyd's bears on the left were....FREE!!! Melissa Beachel were selling them at a yard sale and asked if I collected Boyd's and asked if I would want those for free! Consider it a housewarming gift! So nice of her!!! (Thanks again!!) And the one on the right I bought elsewhere for $5.00!
A set of decorative boxes for $2.00.
All in all a good deal day! If you have kids this is the place to go! Will definitely be handy being so close to these yard sales every year for when we have kids! Until next year......

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Joy said...

Great deals! I had that swing for Samuel and it was so handy to fold up and take along. The material is so soft! I paid 20.00 for mine so you got a STEAL!