Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor day weekend

Well, first of all I have not blogged in some time. Not to much has been going on I suppose. A little while back David was having alot of trouble with his throat. It was swelled up and he said it felt like he was choking. After a week or so of putting up with that he finally went to the doctor. He put him on an antibiotic for 2 weeks and has another appointment this Tuesday. He said it's just now starting to feel better. So we'll see what the Doc has to say Tuesday. Other than that he has just been working, still going out to Hazelton ever day.
My work has been really stressful and crazy. Alot of changes we're all trying to get used to. I could not wait to get to this long weekend! We both needed the break. But today there were things that we wanted to get done around here. David went out and finished my clotheslines (which I did a bunch of laundry that we hung out), while I painted the inside of the exterior doors...finally! Now they are all done. David finally moved our burner barrel to the back of the yard. Then he got started on the retaining wall down by the basement door. Another full day. I love these kinds of Saturdays. I feel like we got alot accomplished. Other than today not a whole lot has been going on.
First couple of loads hanging out.
David moving the burner barrel.
Working on the retaining wall.
Finished front door.
Garage door done.
Towels ! Yea!!
Laundry room door done.

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Joy said...

Love the curtain on your laundry room door. Looks nice with the wall color. You are doing a great job of turning your house into a home.