Saturday, October 10, 2009

Odds n ends

Just some odds n ends from our day today. I cleaned the house top to bottom! I feel as though I got a major job accomplished! And David went out and worked on the retaining wall. Kevin and Nicholas came over to help. They got the footer poured at least and this week he will actually start putting the wall up. Then he went and borrowed Mom and Dad S's lawn mower to mow out yard. It hasn't been mowed in 3 weeks! It was in desperate need of being mowed! And now he is working on moving the dryer vent to the outside to a different spot. He has originally put it to vent in the garage thinking it would sort of heat the garage in the winter. Well....not such a good idea. Besides the moisture, it puts lint all over everything and does sort of heat it in the winter but in the summer it makes it so hot in there! So, he is going to now vent it to the outside. So we both got ALOT accomplished! I love these types of weekends! I am enjoying mine especially because we are to get VERY busy at work and it's only a matter of time that I will be working a ton of overtime.
We are both looking forward to a very much needed vacation in November!! His family is all coming in from out of state to spend Thanksgiving here this year. Although they won't be here for Christmas, they will be here for Thanksgiving. We took off to spend time with them. With the weekend and the holidays we will have 10 days off!! Woooo! And Jenn, Justin and the boys will be staying with us for part of that time!! We cannot wait!! Well, that's about it. The only other thing is I have been off the pill for a month now. So, we'll see what happens! ;)
David working on the retaining wall.
Nicholas mixing concrete.
David, Kevin and Nicholas.
The crate I stained and this is my new creation inside the front door! I like it!
I got another Mum, now it looks better.
David finally mowing the grass. Ours needs a new blade so we borrowed Mom and Dad's mower.
Got the footer poured.


Erin said...

Your crate (that Austin was hauling around that day lol) looks really cute! Why aren't you an interior decorator? :o)

By the way, Austin loves his pumpkin. We haven't decided if we will carve it or do the pumpkin paint... I'll post pictures when we decide :)

Joy said...

Love your fall porch display. Very cute! Hopefully we will be hearing news of a new baby on the way!!!! So exciting!