Sunday, November 18, 2007

LAND...The saga continues

Hello again!! These are the pictures of the land we are looking to get. In the process of getting, I should say. It is in Watsontown, we will be Mom and Dad Slagenweit's neighbors!! We will be facing Vincent Ave. These are kind of hard to see, but gives an idea!! The first one is from 8th St. coming fom Mom and Dad's, turning onto Vincent Ave. we will be where the current barn sits. That is in the process of coming down. Someone will be building on the corner lot also. We are making an appt. with an attorney this week to go over the buyer's agreement, to much legal jargon!! The others are from the side of Mom and Dad's house. It is 1.023 acres and will hopefully be building in the spring. FINALLY!! Now comes the nerve racking stuff of building!!

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