Thursday, June 4, 2009


Tonight David planted our 2 trees. A pink flowering dogwood, and a flowering pear tree. I picked up the pear tree tonight from a friend at work, Deb. We had to dig it up and cut the roots down a bit so I hope it survives, but you can't beat free!! Thanks Deb!! I need to prune it up now. We also need to stake them up soon to. Hopefully they take off!
David on the mowers his parents gave us.
Flowering dogwood tree out front.
My baby flowering pear tree.
Out back.
**Also David is trying to quit smoking again. Cold turkey this time. He really wants to quit before we have kids. He doesn't want them to see him smoking. He has smoked for 10 years already so it's not going to be easy. Today was the first day that he tried not to smoke any. He said he had 2 today though. But I still think that is REALLY GOOD!! Just so he can keep that number down and cut it down to 0! I really hope he can do it!! Please keep him in your prayers to kick this addiction! He's trying to do it for him and our future family. I have faith in him that he can do it this time!!! =)

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