Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Squint your eyes....

If you squint your eyes enough you can see a slight green haze starting!! Finally the hard work just might pay off! Alot of the broad blades you see are actually oats or wheat sprouting up from the straw! But past those you see the actual blades of grass. I cannot wait until it comes in lush and green!!
Front yard.
Close up! Can you see it now??
Woo hoo!!
There is some!!
Oat or wheat sprouts!!
Out back/side. The very nice green in the back of the picture is our neighbors yard, not ours!!
Here's ours!!
Close up of my flowers. Darn robins keep building nests in my hanging baskets. Grrr....
Coming along to!!
Pansie overload!! =)
Flower mania!!

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