Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Planting grass- Part 2

This was the scene on Sunday afternoon. We got a gusty thunderstorm and alot of our straw we had down blew around or away. We could have cryed! We went out and David would spread it back out while I sprayed it with the hose to keep it in place. Once it started raining I stopped and was trying to help him get it back in place. We got some, but left it then for yesterday to fix.
How disgusting.
David kept telling me to stop looking out at it.
This was the end result. All blown around and in the field and the neighbors yard.
Yesterday~ Memorial Day~May 25th
It was another long day, but we got it DONE!!! David had to get more straw so we ended up putting 57 bales of straw down all total. We could not be happier that it is done!!! And now today we are getting rain, Thank the Lord! Just so it doesn't wash out. I got a bad sunburn on my legs! Dummy me put sunblock on my arms, face, and ears, but had shorts on and never bothered to put it on my legs! The fronts and backs are really red! Guess next time I'll know better! David also had me run the Bobcat today quite a bit. It was fun! A bit scary at first, but I got the hang of it.
Pap's roller we used to roll it to try to keep it in place so no more blowing away.
Getting the sprinklers going!
An upper view.
Our home. Ta Da!!
There goes David with the work truck and trailer to take the bobcat back.
~Here's a couple of video's that David took of me!~

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Allana Martian said...

Never knew that planting grass could be such an ordeal! lol!