Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother/daughter banquet

Mom S. and I.

Me and Deonna. She's so cute!
Table decorations were really cute. The flowers were in mason jars, and the flower pots had trail mix in them!
I really thought these were cool!
I took this myself. Melody, Deonna and me!
4 generations here. Dee, Mel's Gram, Mel and Deonna.
This was my 1st ever Mother/daughter banquet. Although I went with my Mother in law, it was still very nice and she's another Mom to me!! The men served us our dinner. They did a good job. We had ham, corn, mac and cheese, rolls and salad. There was a separate dessert table! There was alot of people there! We used to go to Church there so alot of familiar faces that I haven't seen in awhile. Mel and Deonna came and I was so glad. Mom S. and I sat with Dee, Mel and Deonna. Deonna is so big! We visited and then some of the men spoke about their Mother and/or wife. Then some spoke about their Mothers. They did a skit, and had a couple of gals say little poems. It was very nice and I had a good time!! Can't wait until next years!

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