Friday, May 22, 2009

Latest happenings

Well, we started preparing the yard to plant this week. Wednesday we got started. Kevin and Nicholas came over to help us. Nicholas and I picked rocks to start (They multiply!!) while Kevin and David tilled pulling behind Kevin's tractor. When they went home for supper we went and got my Dad's four wheeler. It has 4 wheel drive so it was not spinning in the dirt, plus it gave me a job. Lap after lap, I pulled the arrow behind me. I had fun!! David and Nicholas picked more rocks. Kevin started pulling a chain fence thing behind the tractor and they started loading it with the rocks to haul out back to the pile. While we went to my Mom's we got to see my brother's motorcycle he wrecked Tuesday night. He went to stop at a stop sign and he got on a bunch of cinders and locked up his back tire. He laid it down on the left side, and HE landed on Rt. 220, the road he was coming to at the stop sign. Thank God no one was coming, he could have been hit!! It's all scratched up. Foot peg broke, something on the handle bar is bent, motor housing is cracked and it's leaking oil. So, it's off for repairs. That thing scares me that he even has it. I can only hope he would get rid of it, but I doubt it he's chomping at the bit to get it back already! Ugh...well anywho... Here's the past few days:
**May 20th**

Nicholas pickin' rocks.
Some of my flowers springing to life!
Kevin and David.
What to do, what to do...
Lookin' on.
Wow! Look at him go! He's a good worker!! (This is one of MANY rock piles!!)
Getting every last one!
David's right hand man!
Jimmy showing David the damage.
Hard to see, but scratches along here.
Foot peg broke, leaking oil and back fender damaged. A little of his road rash. He has some on his leg to. Nutcase! LOL!!!
ME! After we went and got the 4 wheeler!
Kevin picking yet more rocks!!
Kevin telling me to do no hands for the picture!! Goofball!! LOL!!
**May 21st**
Finally got 35 bales of straw!!!
Woo Hoo!!
**May 22nd**
Hard to see, but he hung up my hanging baskets. Once they are full and coming over the sides it will look good!!
The yard and the house are coming along!!
Notice anything different???
FINALLY!!!!! A new mailbox post!!! I LOVE it! No more cinder blocks stacked up!
Close up of my baskets I planted.
More flowers!
Much more to come this weekend stay tuned!!!!!!

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Maria said...

Love your house!! It is looking so good. I am sure you will be glad when there is a green yard around it though =)