Saturday, May 2, 2009


Friday night we went to Nicholas's tball game. It is so funny watching these little kids play!! Nicholas did good. I think he was excited to see his Mom and David and I there to watch him! He kept waving at us! Kevin helps out on the field to help direct them , tie shoes, give hugs if they get hit by the ball and high fives! There was alot of people there and I saw this one girl that looked familiar. It was a girl I went to school with in Montoursville. When the game was over she came over and was talking to Dana and Nicholas! I said "don't act like you don't know me!" she gave me a hug and we chatted for a minute. She lives in Watsontown and is the local Barber in town here!! Cool! She has been cutting Nicholas's hair since he was little. Small world!! We had fun watching the game. David said he can't wait til we have a little one out there!
Up to bat.
Nicholas on 1st base with his Dad there, Kevin.
Getting tips from Dad.
David took these ones with Kevin in it. He loves him!! LOL!!!
On the pitcher's mound.
He kept doing this. He was digging his shoes in the dirt like the pitcher's do!!
Almost got it!!

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