Sunday, May 24, 2009

Planting grass- Part 1

Okay, I would like to just say that planting grass is ALOT harder than I thought. The prep work is the time consuming part. We worked all day and didn't even get done. We got the front side done and planted, but have the other side on the garage and whole back to do yet! After working all day in the heat and sun (at times) and not eating anything all day needless to say by the end I wasn't feeling to well. Sore to, so I loaded up on Advil! Well, David ran the bobcat with the rock hound. Which we had problems figuring out and we had our excavator come down to help us get started. Dad S. and I raked along with my Dad that came around lunchtime and he raked the whole front yard getting all the little pebbles and rocks that were left behind. I didn't get any pictures of that. Dad S's lawnmower died so my Dad ran the chain fence over the dirt with the 4 wheeler. We all raked and raked and raked and then raked some more. I think we went way overboard with getting all the little tiny rocks, but yet because David was running the bobcat there really wasn't to much else to do in the meantime. So, my Dad had to go, so then Mom S. got home from work and we scooped all the little rock piles up onto the bobcat that Dad S. was in while David took the rock hound back. Then they spread the seed and we started spreading out straw. Which was fun for about the first 2 bales then not so much! By the last probably 8-10 bales I was hurting bad and I wasn't feeling to good so I went and sat down for a bit while they finished up. Then we put everything away and David watered it. We started with 35 bales and we have 10 1/2 bales left! We put it on thick since it's dry here, so we'll need to get more straw for the rest. So, a LONG day of work and we'll be at it again tomorrow. Yippee. I'll be nice and sore for work Tuesday. Hopefully we can round up some more help by tomorrow!! Any volunteers????
David trying to figure out the rock hound. By the end of the day we decided that thing didn't do what we thought it would do. It took up rocks, but also our topsoil. So it all sits in big piles in the back of the yard until we can sift it. Wasn't the greatest piece of machinery.
David made me get in and he would talk me through the controls so he could be out to get the adjustments right on the rock hound. Scary.

Bill had to come help out!!
We started raking into piles so he could just go right down the line.
Dad running the chain fence behind to smooth it up.
Seed time!
Straw time.
She didn't want her picture taken, but David got it anyway!!
Itchy and dirty.
This is when I quit.
David watering.
I finished it up.

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