Saturday, May 9, 2009

Odds ~n~ ends

Here are a few pictures of the flowers I planted. Alot of my flowers Mom S. bought me since flowers weren't really so much in the budget right now. We planted most of these Thursday night over at their house. I got a few packs of flowers today though. I got them in Montgomery right by were we used to live. It was a older man that has his own little greenhouse outback of his home and sells them along the street. They were very nice and very reasonably priced so I bought some. He was the sweetest old man. It makes ya feel good when you can help out the "small town guy." He told me when he retired from his job years ago, they had bought him this little greenhouse as a retirement gift. It was very sweet. I love cute old men!! David always says he hopes I feel that way when he's old like that!! =) I had gone to the Alecia's house of Country for a tent sale and the Dare Fair with my Mom and Janelle this morning. Then home to do work!
We worked outside and David's friend stopped by. We visited with them for awhile then David went to go watch Josh play football. Another full Saturday!!
I cleaned inside the house today also. I had boycotted cleaning my wood floors for awhile because we needed a furnace filter, badly! We looked around for one but couldn't find the size we needed. We also wanted an electrostatic one that you just clean out. Well, it needed changed months ago and it seemed as soon as I cleaned the floor it would just be dusty again by the time I put the stuff away. So we ordered one online and got it this week. So I cleaned the floor today (it was filthy!!) so I am curious to see if it stays clean longer.
Wednesday my sister Jamie and I went to craft class. I gave my craft to David for an Anniversary gift. (7 years already on Monday!!!!!) I'll post pics of that later, my sister didn't give hers away yet so I don't want to ruin the surprise. Well, if all goes as planned we are to be planting grass this weekend!! Yippee!!
My milk can and flowers. The milk can needs a paint job!!
My birdhouse bench. I had this idea for the watering can, and I finally found one today!! At Alecia's house of country is where I found it. My Mom got them down on the price for me and I bought it. I LOVE it!! It said on it that it was from 1902! Interesting! I had found a couple other places but they were very expensive!
A couple of these are my hanging baskets that I planted. David needs to put my hooks up on the porch so I can hang mine up!!
I put my mini flag up and put some flowers there for this summer anyway.
A couple extra flower pots.
Although it looks a little droopy, this is my peace lily that I replanted today into a bigger pot and put it on this plant stand I had. (needed watered, which I did!)
Here are my new place mats from Alecia's. $1.00 each! Reg. $5.00 each!! Woo Hoo!!
I also got this picture for one of the spare rooms (future nursery??) $5.00. I forget how much it was Regularly.

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