Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cookout & fireworks...

Yesterday we were invited over to Kevin and Dana's for a cookout. We had cheeseburgers, chicken, venison and hot dogs on the grill. Beans, mac and cheese and potato salad. It was good!! It was such a nice day out. Then Kevin & David made homemade ice cream while Dana, Nicholas and I played board games. Hi-ho cherry oh and chutes and latters both of which I lost! Then Nicholas and I did sparklers until dessert was ready. In the meantime an ice cube battle in sued!! We had brownies and ice cream then. Then fireworks when it got dark. We had a good time! It was fun!
Playing games.

Making ice cream.
Smoke bombs!
Me joining in!
Ice battle!
A toad that came out to say hello!
Kevin trying to get Dana back for getting him with ice.
Nicholas trying to help his Dad!
I like the way these turn out. The camera has a fireworks setting and they turn out really cool!

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