Sunday, April 17, 2011

New TV

Yesterday, after David came back empty handed from the Amish Auction we decided to venture out in the pouring rain to try to find a desk. With no such luck. They had roll top solid oak desks at the auction that went for $1125, ans $975 and he thought that was outrageous! LOL, well, hate to say it, but those were good prices!! We went to a furniture store and they had a 36" roll top desk that was $999!! So, now he is kicking himself that he didn't bid. So, he is bound and determined that at the Fall auction that we are going to wait and get one then. (Hopefully) So, anyway in our travels we ended up getting a new TV stand and a 46" Samsung LCD flat screen tv! It is really nice! The old set up went over to the playroom for the kiddos. Rick and David sorting all the pieces.

The new TV.

All done and decorated.

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Kara Plank said...

Glad to see you are back to blogging too!!! I scrolled down and saw your belly-bump pictures, and you look so adorable! I love the gray top with the purple diamonds!!