Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Glucose Test

Well, I had the long awaited and dreaded glucose test on Monday. It actually was not as bad tasting as I expected. It was orange flavored and tasted like Kool-aid which I don't care for, but it wasn't horrible. Anyway, he told me I needed to stay below 130 to pass and if I did pass they wouldn't call. With you can check things like your lab results on there so I asked if I would still be able to check just to see what the actual levels were. He told me it should show on there by the next evening. Well, as of this evening, still not there and no call. So, the curiosity got the better of me I emailed the Doctor about it. Within 1 hour the LPN wrote back and said I passed!!! That it was normal being at 103 and the normal range is between 70-129!! Woo! I am so glad! No 3 hour glucose test for me!!

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