Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Yesterday we finally had my Mom and Dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary party at our home. I love throwing parties, but being 6 months pregnant proved to be even more of a task, BUT it turned out really nice!! I think there were 33 people that came to celebrate. My Aunt Gina, my sister Jamie and I put this together. I think everyone had alot of fun. It was nice to see everyone too. I had to work mandatory 7 hours this weekend and I did NOT want to work Sunday. I wanted a relax day. So, I decided to work from 2-9am yesterday BEFORE the party! Jamie came Friday night to help me prep food and David worked on finishing cleaning. Got up at 12:30am and went til 9:30pm last night. But today I am so glad I bit the bullet and got it done and over with, because I am doing nothing today!! :) Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!! (It actually isn't until April 25th) Gram and Beth.
Aunt Julie, Jamie and Dad.

Family pic. Jamie, Dad, Mom, Me, David

Jimmy, Brooke, Nicole and Tonya.

Brooke playing with balloons.
Nicole and Brooke.
Dad and Brooke.
Patty cakes.

She starting to walk now!!


Cutting the cake.
The light is in the way!!

Perry and Dad.

Tonya, Kyle, Karen, Charles and Aunt Julie.
Perry, Karen and Dad.
Mom, Jamie, Janelle and Mom's friend.
Sue, Karla, Mike, Mom.
More chatting.....
Friends and family.
Pap, Tonya and Gram.

Help!! I don't know how to turn this video around!

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