Monday, May 7, 2012

Memorial Service

Yesterday we ate dinner. (Grilled ham steak, fried potatoes, corn,salad, biscuits and carrot cake) Then got ready and went to a Church in Sunbury with Dad S. for a Memorial Service put on by Hospice.  It was nice. It was really packed. I missed alot of it since Kaylynn bumped her head on the pew and let her presence be known to all there.  I had to shimmy through people sitting in chairs they set up in the back to get out. :) So her and I walked all over the place until the service was over.  They read off the names of loved ones that have passed and had a member of the family come up and get a rose.  Dad gave us a bookmark with her picture on it and a poem, "I needed The Quiet."  There are so many things I feel like she's missing out in sharing with us.
 I know there are alot of emotions about to come to the surface as we face some more "1st's."  Our 10 year anniversary is Fri., Miller reunion,   the first Mother's Day, birthday's coming up- especially missing Kaylynn's 1st birthday.  That one is extremely hard for us.  Knowing she could have enjoyed a grandchild (let alone the ONLY girl) so close to home.  She would be so tickled to see all the things she's doing already.  We tell Kaylynn about her all the time.   :'(
Thinking about touching that cord.....

Calla Lillie's I got from the neighbor lady. And the rose was from Mom's Memorial Service we went to. I got an extra one at the end during refreshments because there were extras. Very pretty.

Simple, yet so pretty.

Someone is really getting ready to walk! (Pardon her bum in your face! If I do it in front of her she will look at me and won't do it!)

I'm up. Now what??

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Tonya said...

April, Little Miss is getting so big!! She is adorable, and I love all that red hair! Wish we lived closer so we could "watch" her grow up. I just finished a photo book of Tyler and Kaylynn was just a newborn in the picture. How time flies. Love you guys! Happy anniversary!