Saturday, February 16, 2013

Julian Turns 1!!

Last Sat. was Julian's 1st birthday party! 
 Big girl pig tails!!

 Her saying Cheeeeeese!
 Jimmy, Nicole and Brooke.
 Julian's new ball pit.
 (Don't mind my Mom's expression, she was laughing!) :) Mom, Jamie and RIck.
 Doodlebug playing.
 Birthday boy!!

 Kaylynn standing by the water/sand table my sister and I went together on!
 What's going to happen now?
I can do this!

 Ewwww! Get it off! Get it off!
 Kaylynn and Brooke reading to David.
 In his oak toybox my Mom and Dad got him.
 My Pap and Julian. He just loves Pap!!
 This picture cracks me up. After she was done with her pigtails her hair was stuck up in the air, so I kept calling her Ace Ventura! LOL!!
Always a big helper.. Helping Daddy clean up the floor after supper.

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