Saturday, February 2, 2013

Finishing the Basement

As usual Blogger won't let me do this how I wanted, so they are a little out of order.  But anyway, David has been working on the basement little by little.  Today a bunch of guys came to help him hang the drywall.  Jimmy, Rick, Kevin and Nicholas then Mom, Jamie, Tonya and Julian and Brooke kept us company upstairs.  (Tonya and Dad came after they got off work)  Mom brought donuts and I kept them supplied with coffee.  Drywall is done and all up!!  It was done shortly after lunchtime!!  Rick stayed later and helped him re-arrange some electrical and start the mudding and cleaned up a little.  We are all surprised and happy at the progress that was made today!!    Its laid out kinda weird, but that's how it had to be.  Part of the other side has the mechanical stuff so it's sectioned off and he even put a door up at the bottom of the stairs for that.
 Getting started.

 This pic is more toward them being done.
 Ping Pong anyone? LOL.

 Kevin and Nicholas.

 Jimmy and Kevin.
And this is what we were doing!
 Riding the Princess truck.
 And playing with a stroller. Hey- this is what happens when you have girl cousins!
 I did a few screws.
 Kaylynn playing on the ladder.
 Sweepin' up!

 Started mudding.

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