Monday, January 28, 2013

Cabin Fever!

Just a little update on us.  We are all feeling better.  We are all ready for Spring and to be able to get outside again!  Cabin Fever is an understatement! David has been working on the basement again.  He got a load of drywall Sat. and by next weekend we'll be hanging it!  We're hoping to have it at least done enough to have Kaylynn's birthday party down there in July.  Here's a few pictures of the munchkin.  She saying so many new words!  Of course Mommy, Daddy, and now she says, baby, hi, bye, thanks, no thanks, moo, dog, doggy, duck, Pa (Grandpa), Pappy, attempts Grammy, Bebby (Becky, the babysitter), hat, juice, door, banana (ananna), shoes, bubbles, fish, no, yes, this, here.  That's all that I can think of.  And this girl LOVES her shoes!!  She carries them around.  Carries other people's around. Puts her and other people's on. We might have a slight shoe addiction!!  :) 
 We got potty seats for the big toilets for up and downstairs along with step stools.  She was showing interest at the sitter because of seeing the other kids sitting on it, so we said why not?  We are not pushing it, but the sitter, and we set her on it a few times a day.  Only tinkled once, but it's a start! She's only 18 months old!  It would be a littler easier if she could tell us when she needs to go, or is maybe going, but we're not pushing it.  It's still early. 

My camera battery is dead, so these are all from my phone. 

 Kaylynn's 1st time out in the snow and sled riding.  Wasn't to sure about it plus it was windy and cold!
 Pudding face!
 Pig tails.  She doesn't let me do this to often.
 Mommy and Kaylynn.
 Why yes, let's stick your hand all the way down in your pudding.
Checking out Daddy's new Dewalt tools. 
Mom will be heading back to Hershey in a few weeks for 5th round of chemo.  Then at some point after that they are going to move ahead with the stem cell transplant.  My 1 Aunt is a perfect match.  So hoping that everything continues to go smoothly and that soon we can put this behind us.  Her hair is really coming back in.  It's about a 1/2 '' or so.  She will need new clothes by the time this is all said and done.  She has lost approx 60-70 pounds so far.  Needless to say her clothes are not fitting to

Also, if you think of it pray for my Pap.  His health is really getting bad.  Thanks!


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