Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sick Anyone?

Well, another year and yet another sickness begins in the Slagenweit household.  Ugh.  Sunday morning at 1:30am Kaylynn started with the vomiting...20 min later David started...I had the "other problem" until about 7:00am, then I had both problems going on.  When Kaylynn got up she seemed much better.  We, not so much.  Thank the Lord she was better because I have no clue how we would have done it!!  By 11 am I called David's Dad and he came to get her, and actually ended up keeping her overnight for us.  What a Blessing!!!  Gave us time to rest and get better.  My babysitter and her husband have it too, so badly that she had to take her husband to the ER to get fluids.  Also, some of the kids had it over the weekend.  It is awful!!  Now today, Dad S. called and he has been getting sick since 3am. :(  I feel soooooo bad we gave it to him!! I just ran some ginger ale over to him.  Hope it passes quickly.  I took off work again because my Sitter is still sick and has a Doc appt today and Dad S. said last night he wasn't feeling well, so left me no choice but to take off.

 It is so hard being a working Mom.  What else can you do when things happen? When your family gets sick? Vacation only goes so far! Also, you basically work for insurance and babysitter.  They just took my group leader pay away, so now I make $1.25 less than what I have for the last several years! So frustrating! Well, done venting on that subject. Gets me to upset.  I am looking for something else, maybe closer to home.  I just keep praying that things will work out work wise~ health wise~financial wise, just everything!  He will help!

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