Friday, February 8, 2013

My Poor Baby

My poor baby is sick yet again.  She has started what I though was a cold a few days ago.  The sitter called and said she had a fever.  I had to leave work early today and get her to the Doctor.  Of course OUR Doc had no appts available so they suggested we go to the Family Practice Center in Lewisburg because the records would be in their system and they had appts.  So I took her there. (Very weird experience at this place. Don't think I will ever go back there!)  But her on ear is red and bulging and something was in front of the tube.  Got an antibiotic so hope it kicks in ASAP. 

The last couple days not only has she had the cold started, but she has been waking up at night and falling alot.  Seeming very teetery and falling like she was off balance.  I hate when she's sick! :( 

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