Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kaylynn And All Her Cuteness!

 Eating an ice cream cone.
 Big pigtails!!
 I wanna see Mommy!!
 New sandals we got for her last night for Summer.
 New rain/mud boots we got her last night.  Because when we take her to our baby sitter's parens farm to see the animals, plus the neighbor has families over to bottle feed we needed boots! :)
Swimsuit! So cute, this picture doesn't do it justice.

~ What's going on with us you ask?  Well, David is still working on the basement.  Mudding is almost done.  I got paint samples and can't decide between green or blue for down there.  We are now coffee drinkers.  I made some when the guys came over to hang drywall I got hooked!  :)  It's yummy!  Kaylynn is more than ready for Spring.  She pitches fits when we take her from the car to the house because she does not want to come in.  She just keeps saying "OUT!!"  She's really coming into her own.  Learning alot of new words.  Potty training has begun and although we are not really "trying" yet, she does ask to get on the potty, so we sit her up on it.  Because of the other kids at the sitter, she does better there.  She has gone on the big potty several times. Yeah!!  She is cutting her 2 year molars.  Her hair is growing like crazy.  She has a well child appt Tues, so we'll see how much she weighs and how tall she is.  When we weigh her here the last we checked it was 25.6 lbs.  She is quite the ham and likes to make people laugh!  Soon it will be time for a big girl bed. :(

We are trying, but not trying for #2.  If it don't happen after so long I will have to refer back to the fertility clinic.  Scary and exciting. ;)  David HAS started the Chantix to quit smoking.  He seems to be more motivated this time.  Hope it works it was SUPER expensive!!!!  I am trying to get healthier too.  So, that way we're both working on something. 

Mom is 2 weeks out of the 5th round of chemo so the fevers are starting.  That seems to be normal.  The next step is one day of chemo, then stem cell transplant.  1 out of 3 of her sisters (my Aunt's) is a perfect match.  Although, it seems her and her husband do ot want to do it.  So, please pray if they proceed with the transplant that they change their minds. :/   Also, to be a donor is not that invasive!  Please check out the donor registry website and be a donor and save a life!!  EVERYONE IS SOME ONE'S LOVED ONE!!  Check it out! I'm going to do it!!

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