Sunday, March 24, 2013

This and That

Hello again.  March is almost over and Spring is still no where to be found.  We got snow last week and we're to get more tonight. Ugh. Joys of living in PA I guess.  I am ready for Spring cleaning around here and to have a yard sale to rid this house of some junk someone else's new stuff. 
I will be hosting Easter dinner this year and a Egg hunt.  Should be fun.  Most of my family is coming.  Got the kids kites, which was a traditional Easter gift we always got and I always enjoyed that. 
Kaylynn after having a 24 hour flu bug the other week, has had a cold this week. Poor kid.  It's always something.  She's really been doing well with potty training.  I think she does better at the sitter's where she sees more kids doing it.  But we're trying to sit her on the potty every hour. 
I have started taking prescription Vitamin D 50,000mg! My levels are extremely low, so I will take 1 every week for a month.  I actually bought a 2 month unlimited tanning sessions at the Stylebox where I get my hair done to try and see if that would help that a little for that problem. Not to mention so I won't be white as a ghost. 
Basement is pretty much at idle right now.  David's been busy with other projects for other people.  (he gets paid well, what can I say?)  We're not even ready for paint yet.  I thought we'd be done with that by now. :)  Guess not. 
Have a Blessed Easter (if I don't post until after Easter!!)
 A Bunny I bought off a sell and swap site on Facebook. I like it!
 Playing in the snow.
A face only a Mother could love... just joking!!  This was my send off Friday morning when I dropped her off at the sitter's.  She always waves and says bye at this door.  This day she pressed her nose up against it. I cracked up!! To funny!!

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